Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do I Order Your Services?

Simply call us, email us, or fill out a simple form on our contact page.

Are Drone Photography Services Expensive?

You may be surprised to find how inexpensive our services actually are. Many packages start at just $125. Call us for more information. 423-201-1279

How Long Does The Process Take?

For interior/exterior photography, please allow for approximately 1 hour. If you have added aerial photography as part of the service, it would require an additional 20 to 30 minutes.

Do I Have To Be Present?

Although your are welcome to be present, we can complete the entire process and will notify you when we have finished.

How Long Does It Take Before I Receive The Images?

Post Processing generally is completed within 24 hours, at which time, you will receive a download link from us.

What Is Included In Post Processing?

Post Processing includes image enhancements, sky replacements if needed, and video editing if you have requested aerial videos. We even include a music track if you desire.

What Is Included In 3D Virtual Tours?

A 3D Tour will entail us setting an agreed upon time where we will set-up and shoot a series of photos of your space with a special Ricoh 3D camera. Afterwards the images will be processed into a 3D image of the space. You will be provided a “link” to the 3D Tour which you can view immediately. You will also be provided an “embed” code so that the tour can be placed in your website where your viewers can view the tour directly from your website.